[SOLVED] Cohort Module Release Request at specific Commit

@ibacher Good morning, we have been using the Cohort module, however commits past

have changed the functionality that we were using, so I wanted to create a release at that particular commit. How can I do that?

  1. Create a branch at the commit
  2. Release the branch?

Thanks in advance

cc @dkayiwa @corneliouzbett @dbaluku

Makes sense to me.

@dkayiwa Does Bamboo allow releases on branches? or is it only master?

Yes; it’s just a matter of setting up a job to do so.

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@ssmusoke I’m interested to know which functionality changed?

@dbaluku can elaborate more with @slubwama

@corneliouzbett The rest endpoints are currently broken, one is not able to create or get cohorts. these are some of my endpoints I have been using

[GET] openmrs/ws/rest/v1/cohortm/cohort?v=custom:(name,uuid,description,voided,cohortType,startDate)&cohortType=e50fa0af-df36-4a26-853f-feb05244e5ca

[POST] /openmrs/ws/rest/v1/cohortm/cohort

In my postman I get a 400 error code on POST and 500 error on GET. These are were working fine as of the commit mentioned above

Something related to what @ssmusoke is addressing here

We’re currently spinning Platform 2.5.0-beta on Refapp 2.12.0 , (Reafpp 2.12.0-dev was the branch from which I deployed and consequently released)

@ibacher did a release but the Refapp artifacts were deployed to the release folder instead of pre-releases . I never saw the release-type variable for Refapp Jobs

@dkayiwa @ibacher I have created and run this CI job to deploy a 3.0.1 version but it does not seem to work - any suggestions on how to fix and resolve it


Would it be easier if you just copied a plan configuration like this? HTML Form Entry UI - htmlformentryui module 3500: Build result summary - OpenMRS Bamboo

Ofcourse you would change the repository and branch.

@dkayiwa I cloned the plan, added a new repository and changed the branch

Is that different from copying you have mentioned?

You probably cloned a plan whose structure or configuration is not what you wanted.

@dkayiwa I cloned the existing Cohort Module one, which I expected to work the same way, no?

Now that you mention it I saw things like building docker containers etc which I have no idea why they are in there

@dkayiwa Looks like I created a new plan instead of cloning the existing plan… Now 3.0.1 has been released

Just added this PR to bump up the versions in the pom.xml file to clear out any confusion later


@ibacher @dkayiwa Thanks - I ended up releasing 2.2.0 as 2.1.0 existed


Nice! Thanks for doing this!

A heads up I ended up releasing 2.2.1 with an earlier commit that ended up working for us …

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