Software Developer, Nairobi - Kibera Medical Record Initiative

Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization. As an umbrella organization, it oversees several initiatives worldwide. By developing innovative technologies, fostering new relationships, and implementing creative projects, ICChange connects with other influential non-profit organizations, businesses, universities, and governmental bodies to solve global problems. The mission and philosophy of ICChange is to improve the quality of life and security of vulnerable populations through tangible collaborations with partners to build capacity for both effective community support and sustainability of initiatives.

Working with Action Africa Help – International (AAH – I), ICChange is implementing the Kibera Medical Record Initiative (KMRI), a project to create and implement a patient medical record system, providing improved patient care and treatment to the local community in the Kibera slum. KMRI is based on open-source software called OpenMRS and has been extended to suit the Kibera primary clinics in which it is being implemented.


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