Slow OpenMRS Patient Dashboard and UI Framework Exception Error

Hi Team, Hope you are all doing Fine and in good health, Please i have two issues and i will need your Technical Assistance (TA).

First, I have migrated our patient Records from MS-SQL Server based EMR to OpenMRS, but accessing patient record from Patient dashboard (Recent Visit) Takes a long time to display.

Second, after the displaying patient records in access area tabified (i.e Pharmacy order, Laboratory order, Care,Vital ), when you click on View detail this will show UI Framework Exception Error. Why is this happening.

Please help me.


Which operating system is your openmrs running on? Please paste the error message here for a faster response.

Many thanks Jaghatise,

The Operating System I currently use is Windows 10 but we have it on Windows 7 and 8. see the error message below in jpeg format.


Which version of OpenMRS are you running?

Hi Daniel, the version we adopted while you came to Nigeria which is version 2.6 and the database backend is mysql

Have you installed any modules other than those that come with the reference application?

Yes we developed two module for our reporting need, in two other systems the application is working well. the rest of the system it didn’t work.

I installed OpenMRS to twenty (20) systems two (2) of which is working correctly as expected but the rest is giving the same exception error. We have tried all we know but to no avail that is why i am requesting for the forum intervention.


Do you get this error for only this patient and encounter or even other patient and encounter combinations?

Thanks Daniel for your response, this error is across all patient and encounters

Are you able to share the server log at


Are you able to manually fill and submit forms? Can you also go back and view submitted form? When you are migrating your data, ensure the following are completed correctly:

  1. Obs table populated
  2. Encounter table is populated and linked correctly to person_id on obs table
  3. visit table is also populated. Also, check to be sure that the current login user is not migrated as a patient (user_id, person_id (person table), person_name_id (on person_name table)

A final step is to bring the computer to our office in Abuja for immediate support. Our team are on ground this week to help you resolve the issue. (Please come back online and update the community on how this was resolved)


Regarding your first issue: First, I have migrated our patient Records from MS-SQL Server based EMR to OpenMRS, but accessing patient record from the Patient dashboard (Recent Visit) Takes a long time to display.

You will need to do a minor tweak on advanced settings, please try setting the search.caseSensitiveDatabaseStringComparison advanced settings to false and rebuild the search index again, then try accessing patient records. This will solve your issue.


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Thanks ggomez after correcting the part of the form as you instructed the speed of the entire form or app increased. I appreciate

@abraham1973 You welcome, am glad this method helps

Hello ggomez,

I’m new in OpenMRS, how can I rebuild the search index?

I have the same issue , dashboard is taking to much time to load.

Thank you!

a few steps here to build the search index,go to system adminsitration - >Advanced Admistration - > under maintainance,build the search index

Is this possible on OpenMRS 1.9.x?

what happens when you try the above steps

Only the first option is available on 1.9.11, and it still take a long time to patients who have many encounters.

why not use the latest version of openmrs?