Single Sign on (SSO) 2019


Is there a SSO solution for Bahmni/OpenEMR? I am currently working with a Medical campus in Ethiopia to implement a EMR. There are other network applications in use. Having multiple user login identities is not desirable.

Any suggestions?

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I am afraid thats not present at this moment.

I understand. Is there anyone who is working on this, who has worked on this, or who has created a local solution for SSO?

It’s not supported at the moment but we are a step closer to possibly make it happen.

We have successfully made a POC with OpenMRS and Keycloak. We intend to expand this to a system that will be made of:

  • Keycloak, as the OAuth 2 provider
  • OpenMRS
  • DHIS2
  • Odoo

We will publish soon the module (openmrs-module-oauth2login) that we use to turn OpenMRS into an OAuth 2 client. Just bear with us a little, it’s being cleaned up ahead of a first release.

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Thanks! I am happy and experienced in working with alpha/beta code. I would be happy to be a “test animal” to provide feedback with no complaints.

I’m trying to avoid piecing together something on my own.


@bdr great! I did quite some work on this today. I have made our module work with those two as OAuth providers:

  1. JBoss’ Keycloak
  2. Google API

I will complete the READMEs next week and push all this on a community repo. It would be great if you could try this out.

You will need to run this new module against either Core 2.2.1 or Core 2.3.0, they are both still under development and hence are still snapshot versions.

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I am happy to be your “guinea pig” for this work. Let me know when the module(s) are available.

Hi @bdr can you point me to your user on GitHub? I’ll add you as a collaborator on the private repo where I have kept this.

I still need to go through some last mile work and polishing but I realise that it’s been 7 days since your last message and as it is now it is already alpha-testable.

My github user is … “bdr”.

You should have received the invite.