Silencing branch that returns conflicts

Visited different sites on this concern however, haven’t meant my goal. After rising a pr , I get a noisy concern
This branch has conflict that must be resolved

Have actually resolved this remotely though not sure whether its the right way. After resolving, I see two commits now. I want to merge them to be one

I understand the problem master is ahead of feature because I missed “pulling” the last changes that have been made to master when I working on feature .

How can I fix this ?

what happens when you try pulling the latest changes to master

some reference here Squash commits into one with Git - Internal Pointers look through that,ping me if you still fail

I did so and made a minor change in my code, squashed and then committed again But it still raised the same noise

try removing your changes ie git reset --hard,pull the latest changes to master ,remake your changes on a given branch and push again

Great resource @herbert24 . One thing have noticed when rebasing, am not able to squash locally an upstream branch that was created during conflict resolution. Actually when I git log I can only see commits that i made locally

you could first try this

@kdaud i would not advise squashing commits as seen here RFC: Favour not squashing commits over squashing commits

You triggered my mind to do something that am implementing and hopefully it will work out. Gonna share the experience ASP

reading through this will be help full too @kdaud

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Finally things got right !!!
I needed to update my local branch with new commits from master, resolve those conflicts and push the updated/resolved branch to GitHub.
Thanks @gcliff @herbert24

it’s usual to have conflicts, you can always resolve the conflicts than “silence” the branch, here is a guide to help out: Resolving a merge conflict on GitHub - GitHub Docs


I wish had looked at this before, it wouldn’t have taken me almost 2 hours resolving this. Nevertheless have got more than resolving during the transit !!