Show person attribute in patient chart header


I created a couple new person attributes and added them to the registration form fine. I am now wondering how I can show that data on the patient chart? Here:


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What is returned when you save new registered patient, this should be on clinicianPatientDashboardPage

Not sure what you mean? When I save the patient with the new person attributes, I am taken to the clinicianPatientDashboardPage. On that page, I don’t see any of the new person attributes I added in the registration

I only see the data in the screenshot above

ohh Really , do you mind sharing the whole screenshot of clinicianPatientDashboardPage and your registration_app.json file perhaps i can test it locally

sure, screenshot ^

Registration here - { "id": "emre.registerPatient", "instanceOf": "registrationapp.registe -

i think everything is fine, click on edit patient and confirm whether your newly registered patient attributes is exactly what you entered when you were registering. Then all those other encounters like diagnosis need to be captured first

You can see the HMO ID attribute? I can only see the basic info (contact info, demographics) when i click edit patient. Not sure what I’m missing - can you send a screenshot?

Ok you are only missing patient ID to be shown on clinicianFacingPatientDashboard which is added as HMO ID as shown here

For that you need now to configure patient ids to be reflected on facingPatientDashboard, if this is what you are missing according to json url

You can define your identifier type to a unique identifier for all patient enrolled into a particular program to have something like this ABC00100074 or any format you wish. Go to Administration - Patients - Manage Identifier Types - Add patient Identifier Type. You can configure the IDs with Regex Formatting methods, and set validations if so desire. unless there is something different that is not tracked by your regi_json file. Let me know if that helps

Ok this is helpful. Maybe I wasn’t clear earlier, but I also cannot see next of kin on the patient dashboard. Can you? Could you send a screenshot of the dashboard after creating that patient

Are you able to see this

click on edit Registration patient details, these observations are captured and stored in db(h2 db) , click on edit registration

I only see that when I register the patient. When I click edit Registration, I only see widgets that do not contain the next of kin field

After saving patient obs being captured this data is being stored in h2 db and you dont need to worry about that

I know it is stored in the database. My question is how I can access that data and show it on the patient dashboard (either via a widget or in the header)