Show Observations Display Control with fixed number of observations per visit in the Patient Dashboard.

We have a requirement where we want to see the fixed number of observations per visit in the patient dashboard. Lets go through the below example to understand the requirement

Let us say we are filling vitals from for a patient for every one hour. If the visit of the patient is one day long then we will be able to see all the 24 observation for that visit in the patient dashboard display control. And if that continues for 3 more visits (i.e. 24*3=72 observations) then vitals display control would take up entire patient dashboard and will not have place left for other important display controls on the patient dashboard page to see. This is happening now as we don’t have handle over the number encounters per visit.

We are trying to come up with the possible technical approaches to make the number of encounters configurable

Approach 1 : Have a custom display control for specific form and filter the number of encounter per visit from api response as per our requirement

Cons with approach: We have similar requirement for different implementations and its difficult to maintain directive for every implementation

Approach 2: Introduce a new configurable variable (numOfEncountersPerVisit) and handle filter logic to get fixed(say 5 ) encounters per visit in the UI (bahmniapps). The expanded view will still show all the encounter per visit

Approach 3: Pass new query parameter(numOfEncountersPerVisit) to the existing end point, implement corresponding service and Dao methods to get the number of encounters per visit.

Cons : In the Patient Dashboard view, we will always show a fixed (based on the numOfEncounterPerVisit config) number of observations. There is no clear indicator for provider to say if it is a complete list or a partial one.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks ! @angshuonline @mksd @mksrom @snehabagri @shivarachakonda @kirity @vmalini @praveenad @buvaneswariarun @akhilmalhotra1

A couple of options discussed in Bahmni standup call to look for graphs/charts.

We are going with Approach 3 with minor changes where numberofEncounters will be passed instead of numOfEncounterPerVisit which may not be a proper use case in few scenarios(latest data is more relevant).

We should also have a see more/list more option, in case the doctor wants to look for all the encounters data if he wishes to pertaining to the visit, It is not a advisable to withheld crucial data.

@swedhan @kirity I hope we have a card in backlog to handle this.