Should we use LATEST as the version when importing the refapp distro pom?

We currently have a few modules importing the pom of the refapp distro:

Right now, they are pointing to version 2.2-SNAPSHOT of the refapp distro. Which lead to very weird build problems when we release a new version of the refapp distro; and some confusion after trying to rebuild an old version after releasing the refapp distro.

Also, it requires some coordination during the release of the refapp distro to update all those modules.

Instead, should we just let it be LATEST? I tested with the dummy module, and it looks fine. I cannot see any downsides from where we are now, only benefits.

And maven is planning on dropping support of LATEST and RELEASE for plugin versions only, not for dependencies.

Automatic Plugin Version Resolution

Given the threat of non-reproducible builds imposed by automatic plugin version resolution, this feature is scheduled for removal as far as plugin declarations in the POM are concerned. Users of Maven 3.x will find it output a warning when missing plugin versions are detected to encourage the addition of plugin versions to the POM or one of its parent POMs.

I’m happy to just push to master of all those modules, on any desired order or timeframe :smile:

+1 for using LATEST

Thanks Cintia for working on this!

Offhand I can’t really think of any reason why latest would be worse than the current snapshot for build reproducibility.

Alright. In the next days I should slowly change the affected modules and keep an eye on red builds. If I break something, just revert and let me know :smile:

So, we applied the changes.

The only red build would be Reference Demo Data Module, but it was red already for the same reason for a long time. The other red builds we had I believe it was picking the wrong snapshots or something like that, they were transient.

I updated the refapp distro release stages to reflect that (one less stage).

I fixed that build adding the dependency to the refapp distro pom.