Should we update the RefApp part of the downloads page with new Platform maintenance releases?

I was just looking at and I see that in the “Reference Application 2.5 - Individual Components for Advanced Installation” section it says to download Platform 2.0.1 WAR.

Of course that was the version of the platform WAR that we bundled in the refapp at the time (Nov 2016), but since then we have released 2.0.2 and of the platform.

I suggest we make it a standard practice to update the platform version we direct people to install the refapp on top of whenever we do a maintenance release in the same line. Any opposition to this?

Now, to do this, I’d want to be sure we’re testing this out in CI somehow, e.g. to test the refapp modules from its latest release, against the openmrs-core release branch (2.0.x in this case). @dkayiwa, do we currently have a CI plan and/or QA machines that cover this scenario?

No objection from my side.

I have always bumped the distro platform version to, at least, the latest maintenance version. Some times to the snapshot of the release branch. That way, this CI plan runs it:

That explains why is running platform 2.0.5-SNAPSHOT

Makes sense

@darius Surely this does make sense but can this process be automated?As in the moment a new platform version is released ,the link must update itself is what I feel. It may happen that these minor things miss our attention and the links might not always get updated if done manually