Should we add concepts to CIEL and/or work with OCL?


I’m working with the Ona team on OpenSRP implementations in Zambia and Kenya around child immunisations. There are a number of concepts we aim to create in OpenMRS that support the mobile application’s functionality and aren’t sure if we should submit them to the CIEL dictionary or if there’s a more appropriate way to host concepts with OCL.

Here are a two examples of concepts we need to collect:

  • We would like to have a concept track the patient’s immunisation program status as active, inactive, lost to follow-up or not lost to follow-up(found). We found concept 161641 “Patient Case Status” but the options appear to be based on clinical workflows (active, awaiting discharge, patient encounter complete, etc). We couldn’t find the concept for inactive in the CIEL dictionary and wonder if this should be added.
  • We are considering tracking metadata around the patient encounter that happens in the field. We’re storing the IMEI and CHW’s phone number as person attributes and are considering whether to store this in the encounter as the providers become archived over time.

As we’re moving through the implementation, we’re finding that there are some concepts that are appropriate for mobile deployments and I would like advice to see if we should apply to have them added to CIEL or if we should do something in OCL.

FYI @cagulas @akanter

You should work with CIEL, I think. Please provide details and we can help provide feedback first. @judy has been helping with me on this work too. The most important thing will be how you model immunizations. Please be sure to use the immunization history concept or the current immunization concept and not precoordinate immunization+# into a single concept. If you want to be able to leverage standard representations and decision support (EzVac for example), you will want to have a separate concept for the immunization and date and sequence number.

@craigappl Since you mentioned immunizations, it reminded me that we have added vaccinations to the RefApp for the Haiti (ZL) implementation. Code written by @darius, et al in the pihcore module and here are some pointers to files: