Should qa-refapp and uat-refapp use the same data as demo?

Hi everyone,

If I was to recreate qa-refapp and uat-refapp machines, would it make sense to use the same architecture and data as demo?

Would those servers need anything different, or to persist data?

How uat-refapp and qa-refapp are different to demo? (other than the version of openmrs, of course).

I would use the same demo data across all our testing servers. They are no different from the demo server and data should be reset periodically.

At some point we’d like to have one server for performance testing, which will have much larger demo data, but it’s a thing of the future so don’t worry about that much right now :slight_smile:


I could easily see us getting to a point that we want to have more data on our demo than we’d like to maintain or need for testing. So, I would envision demo would be separate or would be testing data + demonstration data. But whatever is easiest is good for now. If we find test data inadequate for demo, then we can layer on more demo data.