Should editing a form's "Label Text" change what appears on the Manage Forms page?

While editing Form in Manage Forms when changing ‘Label Text or Message Code’ we don’t see result in ‘Name’ on Manage Forms page.

My question is, should we see this change in ‘Name’ too or only in patient page?

I think the current behavior is correct.

Note that the same form can be linked to the UI in more than one place (or not at all) and it wouldn’t be obvious which of the UI labels should be displayed for name. So it makes sense to display the name of the underlying form, rather than the UI label.

Looking at this, it would make sense to make a small change to the “UI” column so that we display the UI label there also, like “{{ui location}} as ‘{{label}}’”. (E.g. “Patient Dashboard - General Actions as ‘Capture Vitals’”)

Thank you for your response :smile: Regards