Sharing personal findings on ISO and National MOH Standards

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I started an email chain with @lober an @janflowers asking if OpenMRS conforms to any international standards for Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR-S). I thought it would be good to share my findings with the community.

ISO 18308: Health Informatics - Requirements for an electronic health record architecture. This standard needs to be purchased. I was fortunate that the UW engineering library had a copy that I could read. As you can see from the “Introduction” section provided in the link, this document is used for defining the software architecture. A lot of the information in this standard would apply to openmrs-core. For example, there’s a section that defines the types of data values that should be available (free text, terms, codes, classifications, etc.)

ISO/HL7 10781 defines the functional model of Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR-S FM). You can access the full set of standards on the HL7 website after you create an account and digitally sign the agreement. I’m just getting started with these documents, but they define specific functions the EHR could provide by clinical outcome area.

I also found a number of country level standards provided by Ministries of Health. Here are the links:

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Thanks @craigappl for sharing. :smile: Please keep up this spirit of sharing whatever you find useful to others. I have frequently seen people who ask for such information. Will definitely point them to resources like the ones you have shared.