Sharing lab results with patients far away

Hi everyone, We run an individual Laboratory that carries out patient lab test and results in my location and we are looking for means to easily share patient results especially using an android app.

We see OpenELIS as a best fit for us and we are currently researching on ways to develop this android app and so feedback and recommendations are very much welcome.

Initially this is what we are thinking: -To simply pass a server url that displays pdf lab results specific to each patient registered. e.g

-Typically each patient just needs to enter the printed accession number on the app.


When we login into OpenELIS and access the above url, a pdf lab result is actually displayed on a browser. Performing a basic access authentication does not seem to work on OpenELIS. e.g

Is there a better and proper way of accomplishing the above??


It doesn’t seem that OpenELIS supports your requirement out of the box. One needs to be logged in for it to open the URL

I feel it could be a security/privacy issue for patients to be able to view reports without some form of authentication token specific to the patient. Accession numbers are predictable, or can be easily seen off someone’s paper record, and then their lab results can be procured. For instance, patients won’t like someone else to know about their pregnancy / HIV test result status.