Setting up module in OpenMRS

So I’m trying to work RESTWS module where I made some changes to the fix a issue. I had mvn clean install before and after the changes but the tests failed after changes. I guess I’ve to manually modify the tests too.

Other than that how do I open a module, like I’m unable to file any .omod file for the module which I can upload on my test server.

Thank you!

CC: @dkayiwa @reubenv @jwnasambu @suthagar23

@bisht13, is the link below of any help to your usecase ?

Did the tests fail even before any of your changes? Can you share the test failure log at

Hey @dkayiwa I tried building it the second time and it worked. Not really sure why there was a test error in the first page. I’ll trying to reproduce the error again hoping I fixed it. Thanks :smile:

Thanks @ruhanga referring to it. :smile: