Setting up Dev Environment in Windows (Windows 7)

I would like to add to the ‘Setting up Bahmni’ documentation, provided on, where it is mentioned that 'This document was written for Mac OS X, but should be equivalent on Linux. Will need slightly different commands for Windows, but essentially the steps will be same. ’

I would like to state the change in commands for Windows, for future Windows users, so that they do not get stuck up during the set up process.

@teleivo @mksd @darius , should I go ahead?


yes go ahead :slight_smile:


Done, I have updated the Setup Documentation. :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot!

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Hello @japleen… Thanks for the setup documentation but i would like to share it with me

Hey @bryan,

You can find the setup documentation here:

Do let me know if you require anything else. :slight_smile:

Hey @japleen, I have read the wiki…for example configuring OpenERP in pycharm… Ways of downloading python modules is still in Mac Os… (Using brew)…How do i do it in Windows…

@bryan I updated the documentation for Setting up Bahmni Dev Environment on the link I provided above and not the document on Configuring OpenERP in PyCharm For Development.

And to answer your question, I feel you can try Windows alternatives to brew like chocolatey or scoop.

Feel free to contact the Bahmni community via their Slack/Talk Forum for any other support. :slight_smile:

Setting up Bahmni is a need a good knowledge of programming that helps to understand its function and feature because it seems window error 0x8024200b. So It is compulsory to collect all solution about window error. So that we could set up any thing on window 7 or other