Set Up OpenMRS Server On Windows

Hello everyone am trying to setup the openmrs server but it bring errors. Can anyone help me one the setup

@kalemeeracollis could this link be of help? OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thanks @jwnasambu it has finally worked

Am now facing a problem of create the modules it I bring the same error

sorry @kalemeeracollis I hope the answer is still in the link @jwnasambu sent you .

Do you have Docker installed and running on your computer? What’s the output if you run docker info at the command line?

May be the problem is with the because it refused to run it is bringing errors

How can I do @ibacher

So if you aren’t able to upgrade to Windows 10, you could try the Docker Toolbox, which is older technology but may still work for you.

Hi @ibacher i have used docker tools but am still facing the same problem

Hi @samuel34 am facing this problem do you have an idea pliz

What are you working on? Any reason you aren’t able to upgrade to Windows 10? Look, if using docker is optional, I would just use the legacy sdk style(without docker) of spinning up an OpenMRS server whereas running OpenMRS in a dockerised container is 100% a right path to take, it’s clearly a blocker for you considering a couple of factors.

Am using windows 10 pro but still getting the same error