Set commit range for pull request

(Brooke Lampe) #1

My development team and I are new to OpenMRS and have just started our first contributions. We have claimed a JIRA ticket, and have come to a point where we feel we are ready to submit a pull request. I have successfully mashed all of our commits into one, as suggests I should, but when I attempt to create the pull request, I can’t seem to find how to set the commit range to only include this single commit.

(Wyclif Luyima) #2

Hi @blampe,

The instructions mean that you need to squash the commits in your working branch into 1, see here for how to squash commits, thanks for your contributions!

(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #3

Hi @blampe,

I just wrote about OpenMRS pull request tips and included some examples for this squashing. Please take a look at here.