Servers for testing apps

Has anyone tried deploying openmrs to some cloud platform like heroku? I’d like to come up with an easy way to create instances of openmrs for testing purposes e.g. to deploy OWAs on them.

I mentioned heroku, because they have free accounts for testing and it’s easy to deploy directly from travis-ci on every commit. I’m just not sure OpenMRS can run on top of their platform.

I need some free and easy ideas :slight_smile:

Openshift can run OpenMRS and has a free tier

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@r0bby, do you have any example or instructions on how to deploy OpenMRS to Openshift?

It was done as part of GCI 2014 I think…I think we had them make a video – so if you search youtube – it’s probably there – It might also be on the Wiki – vaguely recall it being created.

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Bahmni has instructions for deploying on digitalocean:

(Doesn’t have a free tier, though you can get a $10 credit.)

How many account types have in openshift? When I signup a free account at openshift in order to do as in , it is different from the instruction. It has no add diy cartridge options.