Seeking Release Manager(s) for Platform 2.4.0

A couple of months ago, we laid out the roadmap for our next platform release. Since then, there has been considerable progress and this release is shaping up to include some really exciting stuff.

To help keep us on track and ensure that release a quality product on time, we’re looking for two people to serve as Release Managers. We envision that one Release Manager will have previous experience as a release manager and will be able to mentor and provide guidance to the other Release Manager. If you would like to know more about what is expected of a Release Manager, please see this description.

If you are interested in being a release manager or a release manager/mentor, please respond to this post indicating your interest or PM me.

Please do the same if you are interested in contributing to the ongoing work on Platform 2.4.0.

On Friday, we’ll announce the Release Managers for Platform 2.4.0


hello @jennifer i would love to take up this great opportunity of being the platform release manager



Well thanks @jennifer would also love to volunteer to be a release manager either platform or Ref-app given the opportunity


I could help mentor the release manager.


@jennifer would love too being a release manager on platform 2.4.0 if given an opportunity,i am also available to contribute to the ongoing work of platform 2.4.0,thanks