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Project-Nigeria Telemedicine App

I will be doing Android App Development, so i want to ask that we can develop an app through Java or is it compulsory to code in Kotlin ? secondly, we have to create an full application or we can do contribution. Also, Can we do extra innovation in an android app? @isears @levine

Is this GSoC project? if yes kindly mention or copy your mentors whenever you ask a question.

Yes, this is the GSoC project mentors are- Isaac Sears ( Barry Levine (

kindly look here and tag your mentors

@isears and @levine

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Hi @ezio

Kotlin was just a suggestion. Although we need a fully functional application by the end of the project, we are open to suggestions from whoever ends up working on it.

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So, it was mentioned that "Frontend only " means I have to mainly concentrate on Front-end isn’t it ?

Frontend-only is just the first phase of the project. The second phase is connecting to OpenMRS on the backend.

ok,I have another question, I read instructions for submitting proposals can you please explain me that statement? It states that- "Please include in your proposal all relevant issue numbers, pull requests, commit links, etc. for these contributions. If you don’t include this information, your proposal will not be reviewed. It’s not necessary for your pull requests to be merged, we just want to see that you’ve made some effort to learn the basics about OpenMRS development. "

Since this project is run under the OpenMRS organization, we just want to see some evidence of participation in the OpenMRS community. If you’re interested in the telemedicine app, I would recommend checking out as knowledge of that project will come in handy for our app.