Security Expert Isaac Sears!

I just want to publicly thank @isears in a special way, for the various security fixes that he has been contributing to openmrs modules. His style of work has been looking at the web application for security vulnerabilities, and then immediately open a pull request with the required fix.

He is going for a security course over the next 30 days, but promises to be back to his game by February this year.

Once again, @isears you have done an amazing work of making patient records more secure. The OpenMRS community is deeply grateful for your efforts!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks @dkayiwa, it means a lot to have my efforts recognized like this!

Working with the OpenMRS community is a real pleasure and I’m glad I can make meaningful contributions on par with all the other great talent here.

Looking forward to doing more of the whole “write code, save lives” thing when I get back in February!

Thanks for your contributions and for being part of the community, @isears!

Thanks and Long live @isears :clap: see you in Feb.