Second page of Registration - Visit Details on report

How to get second page of registration ie visit details (height, weight, registration fee, registration notes and few other concepts added on that form?) in Reports? Or does it have to be customized report?

Hi Nawaz,

You can make use of either Observations Report or Observation Form Report to generate reports for the visit details.

Thank you for suggestions. Observations Report works for us. But the documentation here many need some changes.

We have included “Chief Complaint Data” on the second page of registration (ie Visit Details). “Chief Complaint Data” has “Coded Chief Complaint” and “Non-Coded Chief Complaint”.

By default Observations Report gives all concept names if “conceptNamesToFilter” is kept blank. If we keep “conceptNamesToFilter”: [“Coded Chief Complaint”,“Non-Coded Chief Complaint”] then we get values only for those concepts. So the “concetNamesToFilter” acts like “conceptNamesToInclude”. Till the parameter name appropriately modified we can update the documentation here saying “Unlike other reports, default shall include ALL concepts and if specified shall included only the specified columns in the report”

But we have to compromise on the name of the column as it shows “value” instead of “Chief Complaint” which is more suitable in our case unless there is any other report to show values of specif concepts like Numeric Concept Values there should have been “Text Concept Values” and also “Coded and Non-Coded Concept Values”