Searching for full patient identifier (incl prefix) during registration

We are planning to use barcode scanners to search for previously registered patients through printed barcode labels.

The patient search of the registration module allows to search for patients. However it requires a ‘decomposed’ patient id without the Identifier prefix (like GAN or SEM in your test data). So while the full ID is SEM123456 in the search box only accepts 123456. This makes sense for manual data entry, but when scanning the barcode, it will enter the full ID including this prefix.

Other search boxes, e.g. within the clinic module, work fine as they accept a full ID.

@cine. The ID box currently does not work with the full ID. But the name box works. See attached screenshot:

Would that work? I guess, ideally ID should also support this.

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Yes, this could be a workaround for now.

But it would be really nice to have this on the ID search too, as this jump right into the patient (as the IDs are unique). With the name search there is the additional step to choose the patient from the result list.

Nevertheless thanks for this suggestion.

On this note, are identifier prefixes required in Bahmni? Is there any way to get rid of the source prefix altogether (and have the associated select list next to the text box hidden if it is not relevant)?

Identifier prefixes are not really required in Bahmni. They were introduced to make things easier to a registration clerk, primarily to save time.

There is no way to currently get rid of the source prefix, but it will definitely be useful to be able to configure the search page to not use a prefix dropdown.

Recently, there is a new feature implemented to hide the prefix dropdown, if there no prefixes available.

fyi, I’ve added a fix for this–the registration search will strip off the prefix (if present) before doing the search.

Pull request here:

Let me know if you have any questions! Mark

@mogoodrich Thanks for your effort in contributing back to Bahmni :slight_smile:

The approach you have taken is to find out the identifier prefix that is selected from drop down and replace the same thing from the patientSearch value.This works fine only if there is one identifier source used always.

Lets say if the barcode scanner needs to search by both “GAN” and “SEM”, there is a problem with search.

Scenario 1: Drop down value is “GAN” and Searching with “GAN200070” works fine.

Scenario 2: Drop down value is changed to “SEM” and searching with “GAN200070” doesn’t work.

That would be good If the approach is generic enough to use available identifier sources and not just depend on the value of drop down

@sravanthi17 this makes sense, thanks. I have updated the pull request.

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich : Thanks for your update. Some one from team will review and respond.

@mogoodrich : Please check the comment on the pull request. Let me know if you need more information.

One will have the ability to search by Full identifier in patient registration search from 0.83v of Bahmni. Thanks @mogoodrich for implementing the functionality and contributing to Bahmni… :slight_smile: