Searching Diagnosis in OpenMRS ref app

Hi @mksd

In bahmni as we are trying to implement diagnosis search by reference term similar to how it is in OpenMRS ref app in visit notes, I am trying to find the place where the API for search is called. Can you please point me to the code?

-Thanks Shruthi

Hi @shruthipitta,

Could you show me the URL of the page in question in the Ref App?


That’s the login page.

Sorry. Click Here.

How about doing this:


Expanding the URL shows:


Does that help you find the next step where to look (Core Apps apparently)?

Could this be your guy in DiagnosesFragmentController? I’m not sure, you’ll have to check that one.

Please report back, others will find it useful to learn how to track down a backend API starting from a UI screen.

Yes thats the one I am looking for. Thanks! how can I mark it as solution.


You can’t mark this topic as ‘solved’, only the ‘Ask OpenMRS’ ones allow this.

Nitpick: the #software:bahmni category also allows this. But none of the other categories have it turned on.

We can enable this for any category if we so choose, but it hasn’t been requested anywhere else.