Searching address hierarchy

I have a Tanzania address hierarchy of Region, District, Ward, Mtaa/Village and Lat and Long. Lat and Long are 1 to 1 with village. I had hoped that by specifying a higher level in the hierarchy eg. Region then the selection of subordinate items would be reduced to the set belonging to the specified item. However it appears that all items are listed regardless of the upper level.

Is this intended? is possible to do as I wished?

Hi @mafrica, There might be issue with your CSV file. What you have wished can be happen. Can you please share your address hierarchy file to check once.

I think the issue is not the CSV but rather the way that the search is coded. Using the same data and implementation if you manage patient data via the openMRS admin screen. Then the nested search starting from the major key and working progressively to the minor key works just as I expected. However on the Bahmni registration screen the completion of the major key is ignored and all options/duplicates are offered at the lower level only narrowed by the text completed in that cell of the form.

Is it possible to simply configure registration in the same way as manage patient?

An inversion of the presentation of the address from major to minor has achieved much of what I need.

However, could anyone suggest how to cause the display of the first (or in the case of their being one choice the only) choice in the selection box.

The specific use case is that I attach a lat and lon one to one to each village (the lowest item I wish the person undertaking registration to input). Even with autocomplete set the lat and lon fields require a pull down step to populate the selection box even though there is only one entry.