Search Patients is only able to retrieve the first 50 records

So I am trying to retrieve all the patients registered in my system on Bahmni.To do that I am passing “%” as the queryparam so that I can retrieve all the patients.This was working fine when I had around 20 patients in my system.Now I have around 100, but when I call the search I only get the First 50 patient records.What do I have to modify to get all the patients?

Could you simply be hitting the default max results of REST resources?

Thanks a lot!Is there any way to change that value without creating a new omod?Cause the file you mentioned is in my vagrant machine

This is a global property and can be changed at runtime at this URL: /openmrs/admin/maintenance/globalProps.form


Thanks man.Will change it and let you know

It worked!!!Thanks a ton!