Search Display Attributes are showing incorrectly

I am trying to display a coded concept called “Municipio” in the patient search result list but the value of the selected concept is not shown, but the code of the selected concept. How can I show the name of the concept (Popayán) and not the code (3630)?

I appreciate any help.

Hi @edwardmolina10

We are looking into this issue. You can track it here . Also can you tell us which version of Bahmni you are using?

Hi @sruti

Thank you very much for your answer.

I am using the latest version of Bahmni (0.90).

I have set up a development environment for Bahmni. In what part of the code can I correct this error?

Hi @edwardmolina10

Thank you for reporting and taking this up. This query which gets the results of the patient search is built in bahmni-core based on the various configuration in bahmni-config. The select clause is being created here. We are getting the person attribute type ids from here. To know the flow start from the end point

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@edwardmolina10, following up on this, please do share the solution when you come up with one, and let’s work to get this fixed in the core product.

We are using Bahmni 0.91 and as per this tracker this bug should have got resolved in 0.91 but it still persists as shown in the image below:

Is there specific 0.91 patch?

Hi @sameergije, the above issue that you have mentioned got fixed as part of Bahmni 0.91 release and the installer that you got has fix.

You might have to mark “Searchable” as true to make it searchable as mentioned in the below screenshot.