Search by Diagnosis in Registration App

Is it possible to configure the Registration search to search by diagnosis, preferrably on the logged in provider’s patients? Doctors requested this as they remember diagnoses much more easily than names.

Workarounds would be making a diagnosis report for the logged in provider (I assume we can use WHERE provider.uuid=${provider_uuid} in a custom report to get the logged provider?),

or adding a tab in clinical screen which displays a list of all my patients from the past month and their diagnoses.

If anyone has the SQL for either of these workarounds or something similar it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @ouiliam,

Its not possible. Patient search by Patient attributes of format “org.openmrs.Concept” is not supported. For more details, check this wiki page.

You can configure a queue in clinical page to get the list of patients by diagnosis. Please check this wiki page to configure queues in clinical module.