SDK Watch Project Issues

I had a question about using the Watch Projects feature properly.

Currently I ran

mvn openmrs-sdk:watch -DserverId=server1

in the following directory


I then went to make changes to various files, compiled a new omod file via

mvn clean install

But I went to reload the application and I couldn’t see any of my changes. I can confirm via

mvn openmrs-sdk:info -DserverId=server1

that the refapp directory is under ‘Projects watched for changes’.

Wondering if I’m using this the right way? or am I doing something in an incorrect location


Hello @jason ,

The SDK watch feature is meant to simply hot realod your UI (UI framework) chages in a given server without re-compiling the module.

Note that it doesnt Hot re-load the java API changes.

For your java API changes , you would have to re-compile your module and re-start the SDK server.

The changes in your Java controllers will also be hot reloaded.

Thanks for your responses @dkayiwa @mozzy, I’m just doing UI changes here. But my question still stands, am I doing it correctly? I don’t see my UI changes to modules that I have ‘watched’ + compiled. I’ve hard refreshed the browser and everything.

Is there a way to know if the server reloaded a module? Like a line in the logs somewhere to lookout for

Give an example for the name of the file where you are making changes that you expect to be hot reloaded.

I was changing this file:


I manually added the generated refapp.omod to my server and saw the changes, but not with watch.

I also used

mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:deploy

and this worked without having to restart the server. This is takes the same amount of time as using the watch feature, so this works fine for me