SDK-Upgrade Error

Hi am trying to upgrade SDK 3.5.0 to the latest version using mvn openmrs-sdk: -U. However i get this ERROR [ERROR] Could not find goal ‘’ in plugin org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:3.5.0 among available goals help, release, setup-sdk, pull, reset, undeploy, deploy, run-tomcat, pr, clone, setup, watch, fetch, build-distro, delete, info, unwatch, create-project, add-feature, run, build -> [Help 1] what could be the problem?

You want to specify a goal after the “:”. The one most people choose is “help” as it doesn’t have many side effects or dependencies.

E.g. mvn openmrs-sdk:help -U


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@mseaton thanks.let me try it and get back to you…

@mseaton problem persists.

@tendomart What command did you run and what error did you get?

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@ssmusoke to upgrade i inintially run mvn openmrs-sdk:-U and then later mvn openmrs-sdk:help -U,but the version is unchanged.

am following instructions at

@ssmusoke the error is very short and is earlier posted here on this string

You need to follow instructions at

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@ssmusoke thanks will see that then give you feedback.

ssmusoke aah it fails again with this error.

@tendomart The error shows that you have upgraded to 3.5.0 the latest version

ha ha okk but it’s as if i heard you say latest is 4. something…a little maze there…:smiley:

@tendomart The latest version of SDK is 3.5.0. I’ve updated the Wiki so nobody will get confused again :slight_smile:

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@adamg thanks