Scrum on scrum CI status not showing

Daily scrum on scrum CI status on !scrumon command is not showing someone to help fix please?

@cintiadr could this be related to? IRC bot will be unavailable - 27th July

It’s possible.

But based on , I think it’s a bigger chance it’s @omrs-scrum-bot the one that would be listening for those commands.

That user is not in the room. By the docs, the bot is maintained by @pascal and @darius .

On today’s project management call @burke mentioned that he did something with the PM tool, and this scrum bit was packaged with the previous iteration of that code but not the new version. Burke, did you kill an old server?

I updated the release versions and upgraded lodash to address a vulnerability. I tested the pmtool, but didn’t test any other features. I just made commits to the pmtool repo and CI deployed my changes.

I don’t really know much about this bot.

What I know was that 2 days ago I updated the documentation and mentioned that bot @omrs-scrum-bot was there. I did a whois on it, and clearly, I didn’t recognize the IP (confirmation bias, maybe?)

This is what I had in the docs about that bot:

Managed by darius Pascal has access to the box as well

When I search github by scrumon or omrs-scrum-bot, I pretty much only find that repo.

I attempted to run it locally, and nothing really worked. Is that the right track?

I just restarted the bot.

@cintiadr here is a bit more to add to the docs:

  • occasionally this bot crashes and needs to be restarted (we haven’t debugged why, or prioritized this)
  • This is a digitalocean box of Darius’s, and he has credentials)
  • to (re)start: ssh root@ and then ./

(Yes, you found the right github repo.)

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Thanks @darius, @dkayiwa, @cintiadr and @burke for your efforts its working now.