Scheduling or Requesting Appointment on patient page?

In implementer documentation we can read that in ‘General Action’ > patient page, should be Schedule a New Appointment and Request Appointment but we don’t see them.

Is this a bug or this functionality will be adding in the future?

That feature comes when it is turned off by default via feature toggles, to active it you need to create a file in the openmrs application data directory if it doesn’t exist, then add this line requestAppointments=true or set the value to true if you already have the file and this property already exists, then save the changes, those links should show up and also the request appointment app should appear on the manage appointments page.

Which documentation were you referring to so that we can update it to mention this?

This is a good point, Wyclif.

However, also note that feature toggles are temporary and short-term and are only supposed to be in place while a feature is under development. We’ve been lax in this regard with this feature because it’s been complete for months, but the team on the ground that requested the feature is not yet ready to use it.

So, long story short, in the long run you should not have to include the requestAppointment=true (but it won’t hurt to have it).

@mogoodrich i wanted to say the same, we should just get rid of the feature toggle, right?

Yes, we should just remove it–we still need to keep it turned off in our Mirebalais implementation, but at this point that should be done via app configuration or global property… I will look into doing this. Is there any timeframe/deadline?

There is no timeline, as long as it is removed by the time we release the next version.

I base on this documantation

So parts of this feature toggle are easier to remove than others. I removed the easier ones… :slight_smile: The “Request Appointment” and “Schedule New Appointments” actions that @natalia mentioned should now appear (if you are running th bleeding edge of the appointmentschedulingui module), and the appointments tab should now appear in the visit-based dashboard.

Two places that will still be toggled off: there will be no “request appointment” section on the appointments tab, nor will there be a “Request Appointments” app on the appointments home page. I can remove these once we get the go-ahead to enable this functionality at our site in Mirebalais, which hopefully will come before the next release… :smile: Worst comes to worst we can toggle it in another way.

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Thanks Mark!