Save visit details and forward URL

Hi Bahmni Team, Is there a way to customize the Save button on the enter visit details page? After capturing fee information and reason for visit and any other additional information is it possible to navigate back to the Registration search ((…/bahmni/registration/#/search)) screen when user clicks on the Save button? Thanks!

I’ll let the dev team answer this one, but just to check @cioan, is the idea that you have a Registration desk or window whose job is to repeatedly register or check in patients as they show up, but then send them send them onwards to another station (where anything clinical would happen)?

Hi @darius, yes that is my understanding of the patient workflow at this clinic.

Registration second page (visit page) save action is not configurable right now. @cioan Wouldn’t keyboard shortcuts help in your case ?

Hi @sravanthi17, Do you mean this type of configuration? I will try to follow those instructions. Thanks.

@sravanthi17: For this requirement, can we please create a new card in Mingle?

Here is the card

Pull request here:

I’ve added a new registration app config parameter “afterVisitSaveTransitionToState” where you can specify which state to transition to after saving. If the parameter is not specified, the current behavior (stay on same page) is maintained.

Thanks! Mark

Updated pull request based on feedback from first request:

Thanks! Mark

Hello @mogoodrich

Thanks for considering the feedback and your effort to make corresponding changes.

I am convinced having the configuration in app.json instead of extension.json.

Please look at the comment added to your commit.

Also can you please verify the acceptance criteria added to the card

Thanks to @mogoodrich for his contribution…:slight_smile:

The pull request is merged and will be available in 0.83v. Documentation link

@mogoodrich: Please review the documentation and let me know if you think an improvement is needed.

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Looks good, thanks!

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