Sales Journal Setup in OpenERP

I notice in Bahmni by default all products will have Income Account : 200000 Product Sales. Then in the Sales Journal, Default Debit Account and Default Credit Account : 200000 Product Sales.

Now I am trying to migrate accounts from existing finance software to openERP. They have different accounts for different product category. For example

Drugs, Income Account : 200001 Drugs Sales Medical Tools, Income Acount : 200002 Medical Tools Sales

My question would be on the Sales Journal. How do I set the Default Debit Account and Default Credit Account when I have more than one Income Account (from different product) ? Am I missing out something here? Am I doing this right ?

Hi @abiieez

Please refer to the below documentation link to gather more information on the Journal setting in OpenERP.

You could also try adding your query on the ODOO community to this thread.