Running openmrs on a localhost :

Am currently in a Problem of installation to view openmrs on a localhost such that I work on certain Issues but failed . Some simple information, in otherwords short steps to fix this mess .

We cannot know exactly tell which mess you are into unless we are angels from heaven :slightly_smiling_face:. Its always practical to share your problem especially the logs, Explain in detail what you have been working on such that any person can tell where you are messing up.

Here are few tips to follow

→ describe what you are trying to achieve: Its also good to show what research you have made and probably you are still messing up some documentations.

→ Share the logs using

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I have been facing failer of Eclipse installation

@sharif I ment that, if you know the full steps to run openmrs on a localhost you list them thanks

You have 2 different things here. One problem is for eclipse installation and setting up openmrs dev environment. can you please try one thing after the other.

They are many ways to set up openmrs locally, One is using openmrs sdk, or setting up openmrs using docker or downloading standalone for reference application. Please take your time and go through the steps described in the links i shared. they will be more of help.


Ok thanks @sharif its all I was in need of .