Running liquibase shell scripts

Hello folks;

i am trying to run script in the new liquibase upgrade that was done in order to create respective snapshot files for core 2.4.x, however its not possible to run the script and running this command

mvn \
  -DoutputChangelogfile=liquibase-schema-only-SNAPSHOT.xml \
  -Dusername=<database user> \
  -Dpassword=<database password> \

results into a build hang .

Could the shell scripts have been defined in an environment ie MacOS or Unix were by it doesn’t favor running the scripts in windows environment which might require Cygwin, which provides a Unix-like environment under Windows or could i be missing something here.

cc @wolf @dkayiwa

@gcliff , the git bash provides a unix-like enviroment for windows too

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Yes, the scripts were created on MacOS, they would not run on Windows without a unix-like environment.

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@wolf oh thanks for the clarification

isn’t there a way to make this cater for windows users to in the future who may wan to generate snapshot files while doing major or minor platform releases ?

@gcliff these scripts are pretty short and no rocket science, a Windows dev could port them to the *.bat or *.cmd equivalent of unix shell scripts. I would suggest to create a ticket for that.

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