Run OpenMRS with latest coreapps module

Application Name: Reference Application


Hello All:

I want to run OpenMRS with the latest features available on the coreapps master branch. But facing this issue after replacing coreapps module. (coreapps-1.32.0-SNAPSHOT.omod)

The OpenMRS Core WAR file is created via 2.4.x branch Using OpenMRS coreapps master branch

@shailin there could be other dependencies/modules that need to be installed and started first before referenceapplication could start successfully. Check from the modules page if all modules have started

@shailin you can go to the manage modules page which looks like this one and then click the “Start All” button to start all modules. If they still fail to start, then you will need to share the tomcat logs at

Hey @gcliff, The application is working using the Reference Application 2.11 AddOns which has ‘coreapps coreapps-1.31.0.omod’ file

I just replaced this file with the one created via the coreapps master branch ‘coreapps-1.32.0-SNAPSHOT.omod’ and it start’s breaking

its probably because coreapps-1.32.0-SNAPSHOT.omod which is still in development mode contains new changes that may not work well with reff app 2.11
The best option is to use the sdk to set up referenceaplication 2.12-SNAPSHOT which will work fine with coreapps-1.32.0-SNAPSHOT.omod

You still need to share the full server side log. FWIW, qa-refapp is running the latest snapshot version of that module:

Thanks @dkayiwa:

The issue got resolved after adding the latest version of UI framework module ‘uiframework-3.21.0-SNAPSHOT’.

But still facing another issue.

@dkayiwa: Can you let me know from where can I get all the latest versions of the modules?

Hey @dkayiwa, I think the issue is with the Appointment scheduling module

Please see the image.

Error log:

This is a known problem:

As a temporary workaround, execute this sql statement: delete from serialized_object where name = 'appointmentschedulingui.appointmentDataSetDefinition.dailyAppointments'

Thanks @dkayiwa:

Looks like I have to wait till the issue is resolved. Currently this issue pops-up every time I restart the server

It is not supposed to happen that often. You should have multiple runs of the server before it happens again. Confirm that you delete the correct row and from the correct database before restarting the server.