Right Time to Include or Transfer Adminui / other module features into OWA's

Continuing the discussion from New Edit / View Feature Adminui - RA-988:

According to Tech Radar ,the future of UI’s is fated in OWA’s.

1 .Is there a specific time to migrate the features ?

  1. Is it good practice to add a required feature for instance in the case of RA-988 ,directly in an OWA ?

Ref : https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-adminui/pull/38

thoughts @dkayiwa , @wyclif , @darius

It’s nice to write new features in the a new framework but personally I’ve always thought it’s not worth the effort to rewrite existing ones that work as they are intended, I think it’s a misallocation of dev resources especially when there are features that are of higher priority that need to be done.

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thanks @wyclif i was actually about to include “Ticket priority” but good you’ve highlighted that.