Review STAND-77

Could someone help me review this ticket and give feedback? @dev2, @dev3, @dev4, @dev5

This really good and I admire your zeal. What do think if we tag some people to review our PR after submission?

@gracebish There are reviews which were given to you by @herbert24 and they are not yet addressed. Kindly address them.

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He asked for the ticket ID which is there. I am just wondering if there is another Id which i don’t now.

Under the issue worked on, it is supposed to be and not

STAND-77 liquibase-demo-data.xml was not updated after changes made to tables

. I suppose those are part of the changes @slubwama and @herbert24 were pointing at.

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take a look at this example PR from this project the PR must have a link to the issue

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To add on @slubwama 's submission the description of what you changed is okay but you can spice it a bit using your own words

I droped a column named tribe on liquibase-demo-data.xml

@gracebish It is also important to mention a reviewer who you think will review your pr when your seeking for a review.

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Thanks. I am just learning how the process works.

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