Revamp UI for IPD/Inpatient and Bed Management modules

The product team is actively doing research and gathering feedback for a UI revamp of the IPD/Inpatient and Bed Management modules.

Do you use Bahmni to actively manage inpatients, or do you plan to someday? If so, and if you have an opinion about this, please give us feedback here! There is a (long) document describing research done so far, and including mockups of possible improved UIs here:

If this is an important feature for your implementation(s), then vote on this Trello card.

At a high level we are:

  1. Re-designing the Ward views and Bed Assignment screens.
  2. Thinking of supporting features like “labels” to indicate Bed attributes – for faster searching of appropriate beds. The labels / attributes will be configurable by implementers.
  3. We require suggestions on what mock-ups will work better for scenarios where
  • A patient is maybe assigned to a Ward, but not yet a bed (due to unavailability of beds)
  • Assigning of 2 patients (mother/child, etc) to the same bed (is this common?)
  • Transfers across wards
  • Marking a patient as – about to be dischared in 24 hours. etc.

If you have opinions / suggestions on the topic, please do read the above mentioned document, and provide your comments on the trello card:


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hi, @gsluthra

how is going on this feature ? is it going to be release soon or …? we are awaiting for this module. by the way i was trying to customize my ward and associate Bed in ward unfortunately i could not since it requires high level expertise working in SQL, wouldn’t it be nice by having UI for adding ward putting bed into ward etc? if this feature is there then end user can do all this, sometime wards are relocates to some other room so at this time end user can add bed or remove bed from ward or administrator privilege can do this by UI without making and SQL query. hope this module is going to be a Big feature ever.

thank you

with best Regard Bhandari