Retired form is still visible in Current Visit Actions - OpenMRS 2x

I have retired the built-in forms and designed my own customized forms. All other built-in form are removed from UI but built-in “Capture Vitals” and “Visit Note” forms are still visible along with my customized forms although they are retired.

based on the definition of retire option, this is a bug.

You’ll have to remove these by disabling things from the Manage Apps screens. (Where a form button is displayed in the UI is not driven by whether the form is retired or not, but by whether the app/extension is enabled or disabled.)

I have disabled the referenceapplication.vitals from Home>System Administration>Manage Apps but still the built-in “Caputure Vitals” is visible.

I suggest that if we retire a form then it should not appear in UI.

I tried all possible ways but i am failed from UI. Therefore, i have changed the forms in Reference Application Module itself and it is working as expected.