Resurecting our demo server at

Despite of the effort since yesterday to make the server up, success lane has not been reached. This server at is used by CI build plans on commits for quality assurance. By default, this makes all the build plans fail on all commits that consumes this server instance.
cc: @k.joseph @dkayiwa @grace @permissionerror @cintiadr @sharif

@kdaud i see @k.joseph is trying to do some work to get this running

Let me try to dig deep whats failing

well it looks to be a machine problem

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its Up again

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Not sure why this server is not stable. Its down again. cc: @cintiadr @k.joseph @dkayiwa @ibacher

its working now , it used to be unstable i think last year in December , we used to have demo un stable but not qa, though these days its quite unstable a little