Results of OpenMRS Inc. Community Board Election...

Hello everyone.

For those of you who might not know, OpenMRS Inc. is a not-for-profit entity whose sole purpose is to support the larger OpenMRS community. It does so by overseeing the open source intellectual property we all create, and provides value added services and activities (such as hosting OpenMRS events like the Implementer’s meeting) to support the work we do.

Given it’s primary tole as support to our community, we believe it’s oversight also needs to come, in part, from that same community. As such, some of the organization’s legal oversight comes from the community in the form of board representation.

As you all hopefully are aware, recently we closed elections for a community-based board member.

I’m proud to announce that Jan Flowers (@janflowers) has been elected by the community to serve in that role.

I won’t speak for Jan, but I know how enthusiastic she is to be this representative; she has many ideas about how to better engage OpenMRS Inc. on your behalf. She will likely weigh in here within this thread. :slight_smile:

I also want to take the opportunity to publicly thank Joaquin Blaya (@jblaya) for the important work he did as the community’s inaugural board representative. From my vantage point, he was a fundamental contributor to the establishment of the organization, and his input and perspectives will permeate the organization for many years to come. Thanks @jblaya for your support, encouragement, and peer mentorship. He wanted me to ensure you all that he plans to continue his deep involvement with the community going forward.

If you have any questions or feedback for us about this process, what it means, and how it might impact you as a community member, please don’t hesitate to ask here in this thread.

Congratulations Jan, and congratulations as well to our community for placing such a capable individual into this role. Please join me in welcoming Jan!


Congratulations Jan!



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Congrats @janflowers! Hope the community will continue to thrive with your help!

Thanks @jblaya for running for the position and your involvement with OpenMRS!

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Woohoo!!! Congrats @janflowers!

Thanks for doing such a great job for so long, @jblaya!!!

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My congrats as well @janflowers, and thank you @jblaya!

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Congs @janflowers :bouquet: Very good gender balance, from male to female! :smile:

@jblaya thanks too for the great service in the past and in future as you share your experience with @janflowers :slight_smile:

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Congratulation @janflowers

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Congrats Jan!

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Congratulations @janflowers and thanks to @jblaya for your past (and continuing!) involvement.

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Thank you for the votes of confidence! I am humbled by the opportunity to represent all of us and I’m very enthusiastic to do so. I’ll make sure to do my best to keep everyone updated as I get up to speed on the Board activities. I invite anyone to reach out to me publicly or privately if you have questions, comments, or ideas for how to improve our community through either Leadership or Board activites!

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I will try my best to meet all of your expectations! Jan

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Congratulations Jan, I know you will be a great board member!

Also thanks Joaquin for all your excellent work on behalf of the community. Hamish