Restore problems - slow startup

Hi all,

We’re trying to restore a CHITS-openmrs system (1.8) and it takes the newly restored system more than an hour to boot up. Restart and shutdown has been done thrice already with same behavior (thinking the first restart is always slow but subsequent ones should be faster).

Our tech observed the loading time by tailing the catalina in the terminal. "Obs 1 to 140000+ (can’t remember the exact no.) loaded in less than 2 minutes. From that point on, the rate slowed down. "

Any tips? more diagnostics to do? Thanks –


PS. CHITS is Openmrs (1.8) customized tocomply with the requirements of the Philippine Department of Health. It is running in more than 200 sites around the country – (

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How long did it take to boot before the restoration? Does it spit out unusual errors in the logs on startup?