REST tickets for SystemSettings and all active visits

I created two REST tickets for new resources - adding SystemSettingResource and adding all active visits to VisitResource If others agree that these are important and well described on the ticket, then I want to make them Ready for Work. @n_nehete wants to get these implemented for @sandeepraparthi to use in his GSoC project. Do @raff, @darius, @burke and others agree?


Generally +1 to both these tickets.

I’m a bit confused about the active visit one though. I would hope that it works something like this:

  • …/visit?patient=uuid => all visits for the patient (with pagination, of course)
  • …/visit?patient=uuid&active=true => active visits for the patient
  • …/visit?active=true => all active visits
  • …/visit? => bad request, not allowed to fetch all visits in the system with no query parameters

@darius, I agree with your 4 points of expected behavior from the endpoint, so I’ve edited the ticket. But the includeinactive parameter is already defined in the VisitResource. Its a boolean and I didn’t want to change the existing contract. There is no active parameter in that resource