Rest service not working

Hello, i am a newbie and has not been able to get the rest api feature of OpenMRS to work. What is the latest version of the REST service module that would work with the openmrs-core 2.0.x? I am using the latest master branch which is but it is not working. I tried simple command to list available service: “/ws/rest/v1/catalog” returned “[Unknown resource: v1/catalog]” “/ws/rest/v1/patient” returned “The Resource Does not Support the Requested Operation [null]”

Thanks Tim

The patient web service does not allow you to just list all patients in the DB (because there are presumably way too many). You must give it a q=something parameter.

Alternately, you can verify things are working by doing a GET on the encountertype or location resources.

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You can also look at the in-app resource documentation. See here for an example on the UAT server.

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