Rest endpoints for reference application

Hey everyone, as I am working on creating an OWA of the current reference application UI OWA in react I was going through the reference module and could not find the endpoints for the apps that are listed when a user logins to the reference application. I was requesting of help if anyone knows where the endpoints could be so they can point me in the right directions but if they don’t exist I should create them.

I have attached a screenshot of the apps I am talking about in the current reference application interface.

@dkayiwa @elbertbiggs360 @ebuka @patrick @annette @malmike

@justmesam the Java code that’s being used to generate that page is at

I checked, and this is accessible via REST. The REST code is here, and the URL would be .../extension?v=default&scope=user&extensionPoint=org.openmrs.referenceapplication.homepageLink

Thank you, @darius