rest api authentication via token

Question: what is the best way to pass the jsessionid for rest api request? i have the following uri but it seems does not work:


the following was the data return from session request: { username: ‘admin’, password: ‘Admin123’ } { sessionId: ‘94F5E934BF1325DE83790A8252FD25C5’, authenticated: true, user: { uuid: ‘7470f582-a76d-11e6-9859-4bfd167405bc’, display: ‘admin’, username: null, systemId: ‘admin’, userProperties: { loginAttempts: ‘0’, ‘emrapi.lastViewedPatientIds’: ‘106,37’ }, person: { uuid: ‘6ca76142-a76d-11e6-9859-4bfd167405bc’, display: ‘Super User’, links: [Object] }, privileges: [], roles: [ [Object], [Object] ], retired: false, links: [ [Object], [Object] ], resourceVersion: ‘1.8’ } }

Quick thought: shouldn’t it be &jsessionid (instead of “;”?)

Darius, thank you for the suggestion. I switched to ‘&’ but still not working. i will try to pass username and password.

thank you, I think i found the problem. it was the jsessionid vs jsessionId. now i no longer see the 401 error.