Resource definition super.getGetModel(Representation) package failing on import [SOVED]

Hello friends, Am currently running through unexpected failure which may have been arose from un imported package from io.swagger.model package of which this method is failing to return from the getGETModel(representation)class. Following the resource class definition convention,

    public Model getGetModel(Representation rep) {
		ModelImpl modelImpl = **((ModelImpl) super.getGETModel(rep));**
		if (rep instanceof DefaultRepresentation || rep instanceof FullRepresentation) {
			        .property("uuid", new StringProperty())
			        .property("display", new StringProperty())
			        .property("name", new StringProperty())
			        .property("voided", new BooleanProperty())
			        .property("Equipments", new StringProperty())
			        .property("Equipments", new RefProperty("#/definitions/EquipmentGetRef"));

So my challenge has been this getGETModel(rep)package should be imported extracted from super class but it has been failing with error message The method getGETModel(Representation) is undefined for the type DataDelegatingCrudResource Am not sure whether this is related with dependecies in .omod pom here is my resource class . thanks cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @mozzy @reagan

Finally unblocked it was just upgrading openmrs-reference-distro from version 2.4.0 to 2.8.0 thanks @mozzy

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